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What should you expect from your age?

Sometimes it may seem that you are getting behind from people of your age. Of course, there is no particular rule when you are expected to rich some life goals. Though, at a certain point of time, you start questioning your actions comparing to your friends or parents.

What is the perfect time for moving away from your parents? What is the average age of the first kiss? Is there the right period for getting married? Check out your age and find out if you’ve been following the mainstream of social growth.


8 years old

This is the common age when children start being allowed to leave home alone, by themselves. Probably that’s the reason why 8 years is also the age when they get their first mobile phones. According to the recent statistics, 60% of secondary and 20% of primary school students are now having their first mobile phones.

10 years and 3 months old

For girls, it’s the average age when their puberty starts. What is interesting, only a few decades earlier the average age for the girl’s puberty was no more than 12 years.

11 years old

Surprisingly, this is the average age for most children to try the alcohol for the first time

12 years old

This is the age when child’s body starts transforming into a teenager and therefore it becomes the average age for young people (especially girls) when they don’t find themselves attractive or don’t like some parts of their body.



14 years old

Sadly, this is the age when most of the teens get their first strike of depression. Comparing to the 1980s, when the age of first depression was 30 years old, the age has dramatically decreased. The reason for that may be connected with the first love experience and the anticipation of the first kiss which is yet to come.

15 years old

The 15s is the average age of the first kiss. Most of the people remember this moment even when they grow up.

16 years old

The age when teens want to feel more freedom from their parents and start going on holidays with their friends.

17 years, 2 months and 2 weeks old

The average age when people tend to lose their virginity. The age might differ by country and region but in most cases, this moment comes before teens turn 18.

18 years old

Being at their 18s is a very important time for all the young people. This is the age when one in four women starts dieting being unsatisfied with her body. It’s also the time when most of the women experience their first orgasm, while men at this age usually reach their sexual peak.



24 years old

The time for young adults to leave parents and start living on their own. It’s also the age when most of the people start thinking about making their own family.

27 years old

The average age for men and women to have a first child.

32 years old

This age is considered to be the peak of women’s beauty. It also becomes the average age of online dating users (which is now the most popular and useful method of finding a life partner).

34-35 years old

This age is the best age for women. Firstly, it’s the perfect time to give birth. A study of women’s health shows that the mothers who had their first child at the age of 34 have a better health condition and have healthier children than those who had their first child at their 20s.

It’s also the age when women reach their peak in sexuality and start feeling more confident about their bodies.

37 years old

The common age for couples to be approved for the adoption.

40 years old

There is saying that life begins after the 40s. Well, it might be true. For many people, it’s the age when they get divorced for the first time.

49 years old

The average age for most people to become a grandparent.

51 years old

The time when the average women start experiencing first signs of menopause. A big change from just a century ago, when this age was about 47 years old.

56 years old

Good time for many people, as it’s the average age entrepreneur becomes a millionaire. By the way, about 40% of them are women!



66 years old

The average age when an adult person starts feeling the beginning of the old age. It’s also the age by which both men and women are retiring in the most countries.

76 years old

Men’s average life expectancy.

86 years old

Women’s average life expectancy.

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